Blonde model Jenny wears a vintage pampas grass headdress with a Vegas showgirl feel. Perfect for that festival bride! She teams it with a red and gold silk parasol and golden lace goddess gown
Model Jenny Mandera wears a dramatic vintage burlesque style headdress created entirely from pampus grass. She teams it with a red and gold silk parasol and a shimmering, floor sweeping gold lace dress
A back view of a boho bride wearing a fabulous vintage headdress made with plants - ideal for the vegan bride or festival goer
A side view of a fabulous vintage headdress - a very unusual one off piece ideal for festivals

Vintage pampas grass headdress - fits any head. Festival / showgirl style!

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Fun and eye catching, this showgirl style headdress is made entirely from pampas grass, with a little florists wire. 

A unique vintage piece, perfect for a festival feel. Pampas grass is a wonderful alternative to a feather headdress for vegan brides.