A beautiful bright aqua blue gem sits in the centre of a goldtone sunburst flower brooch from the sixties
1960's sixties flower sunburst brooch in gold tone with a turquoise jewel
some vintage jewellery on a black velvet cloth - an original 60's brooch, a pair of bead cluster 50's earrings, a mid century green glass bead necklace

Original 1960's vintage sunburst flower brooch with a bright aqua / turquoise gem

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A gold tone sunburst flower is set with a bright aqua gem, surrounded by white and turquoise diamantes. 

This brooch from the sixties is just the thing to complete your vintage look. As striking on a coat lapel as on a headband, this piece is in beautiful condition.

Add some bold sparkle to your 60's look with this genuine original piece.